Looking for Automotive Professionals in Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City and Mumbai!

Due to changes in the market situation, Work Supply has seen an increase in employees with work experience from the Middle East and South East Asia. “We have many inspiring stories of employees who have moved to Norway and made a successful integration into their new workplace, as well as embracing the Norwegian culture and work/life balance”, explains Annette Rognstad, Managing Director of Work Supply.

“Many of our employees also bring their families to Norway once they have settled in, and this is what really motivates Work Supply Team; to help talented and motivated people succeed and fulfill their dreams, professionally and personally”, Annette continues.

Work Supply had its first recruitment in UAE in November 2022 and first recruitment in India in February 2023. We hired a great number of highly skilled automotive professionals, and following these positive results, we are not only returning to the region, but also expanding our recruitments to a wider area.

We are hiring

Based on recent experiences, we see that types of vehicles and how services operate may vary from country to country, e.g. some countries have many cars with diesel engines, others not, some tend to organise the work highly specialised, whereas others don’t. 

For the Norwegian market, it can be advantageous that automotive professionals have experience in working both with different types and brands of vehicles, and experience with both gasoline and diesel engines. As electric vehicles is big in Scandinavia, technicians who have certification with high-voltage and electric cars is also sought after.

Furthermore, as many services in Norway are on the smaller side, it benefits the garage to have skilled mechanics who can do all types of jobs, from A-Z; e.g. from using diagnostic tools to identify the problem to fixing the problem,  doing a standard service, or performing a wheel alignment.

„People have different strengths, and will of course not be equally strong in all areas, but if they know the basics, they are more likely to add value in the service“, Annette concludes.

This is why Work Supply on these forthcoming recruitments will interview candidates with a wider skill set:

  • Mechanics and Technicians experienced with multiple brand experience in personal Cars, Vans and Caravans
  • Truck and Bus Technicians, such as Volvo, Man, Scania, Iveco and Multi-brand
  • Experienced Panel Beaters/Denters and Car painters

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